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Who am I?


My name is Cynthia Butare, and I have the unique role of being both a creative director and art advocate. This dual responsibility entails leading and coordinating artistic projects, as well as guiding artists and creative teams. My primary focus is on promoting and advocating for the work of artists, which plays a vital role in the flourishing and development of our culture.


Taking a broader societal standpoint, my humble ambition is to contribute to the advancement of cultural diversity, not solely within Rwanda, where I currently reside, but also across continental boundaries. I achieve this by bringing to the forefront the voices, narratives, and artistic expressions of artists from diverse disciplines. My aim is to raise awareness of the depth of our arts, the richness of our traditions, and the uniqueness of our culture. I strive to ignite public interest in our diverse forms of artistic expression, highlighting their significance and influence on our collective identity. Through engaging in cultural projects, I create experiences that inspire reflection, dialogue, and discovery, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage for the range of clients I serve.


Rooted deeply in Rwanda's vibrant artistic landscape, I find an endless source of inspiration within the abundance of creativity that surrounds me. When confronted with projects that extend beyond Rwanda's borders, I adopt a continental perspective, broadening my vision to encompass the vast diversity of experiences across the entire continent. Thorough research forms the essence of my dedication to these projects, ensuring that artistic proposals align with ethical standards in harmony with the represented cultures. I am committed to preserving artistic and cultural integrity, ensuring that each creation authentically reflects the values and traditions of the communities involved.


Through collaboration with artists and stakeholders, my aspiration is to create impactful artistic experiences that captivate audiences and enrich the artistic landscape. I firmly believe in the power of art to stimulate critical thinking and awaken intellectual curiosity. Therefore, I pay close attention to ensure that artworks authentically capture and embody aesthetic quality and relevance, enabling them to genuinely and powerfully express the intended ideas and emotions.


To nurture my personal growth and creative development, I wholeheartedly invest in personal projects that allow me to explore new creative dimensions and push my boundaries.I had the recent opportunity to participate in a group exhibition titled "What Do You See" in 2022, where I showcased my photo series, "Moulding Hands”, which offers a glimpse into how Rwandan heritage comes alive through the dedication and skill of artisans in their hands-on work. Tied to that, I host a podcast titled "Le Podcast de Cynthia Butare," where guests delve into various topics related to arts in both French and English.


So, that sums up who I am. I'm always seeking fresh challenges and collaborations that push me beyond my boundaries and help me create work that leaves a lasting impression. If you have exciting projects that resonate with my interests, feel free to reach out and let's explore possibilities.

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