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For my team and I, working with you means thinking from your own point of view. I strive to understand your company’s culture and vision so that my team can function as a seamless extension of your team. My goal is to know what you are thinking; to understand your needs from your perspective in order to provide content that is designed to accomplish your business goals.

With an eye for detail and attention to all your needs, I aspire to exceed expectations and consistently go that extra mile. Hence, it is with this in mind that these terms and conditions below have been set to ensure work runs smoothly.

  1. Services are B2B-oriented and geared towards creating content that generates leads for your brand.

  2. It is in the capacity of content-building – from photography, videography to social media management – that services are offered.

  3. In case of event coverage, it is not possible for a camera operator to both take pictures and capture b-roll footage. Hence I form a team, depending on the size of the event. In that vein, photographers and videographers on board have their settings adjusted accordingly so that they can be on constant alert for anything unusual happening, fast and nimble to get the momenta as it happens there are no second chances. 

  4. My team solely works with our own content. We do not edit other photographers’ pictures, nor do we edit another videographers’ footage. We take pride in the aesthetics we have with time developed within our portfolio. It has a distinct feel, and we wouldn’t know how to incorporate someone else's creative identity into the work that we do. It wouldn’t look cohesive, and this would disvalue your content, which is the last thing that you would want.

  5. My team does not provide any raw/unprocessed pictures and/or footage. Deliverables only make sense when assembled, and therefore, it has no value when not edited. Moreover, when assembled by other editors, they wouldn’t know how to make the most of it, as they don’t have the initial idea of how we thought of putting it together.

  6. As each client is unique and has different requirements, each of the services available are personalised to cater to clients’ unique needs. In that vein, deliverables need to be determined and approved before work commences.

  7. Introductory meetings are welcome so that we can get to know each other. This is also the best opportunity for me to gain a good understanding of your brand and its online needs. In case of need for further brainstorming and/or content development services, services such as social media audits, pre-development concepts, and/or customised content strategies should be considered.

  8. Interviews should be conducted indoors in rooms that have no background noise, only with the presence of my team and a few designated people on the client’s side.

  9. Interviews that are conducted as part of the service my team provide to the client cannot be recorded at the same type by any other external parties. In the case of a press conference, news outlets and journalists should conduct their interviews at a different time.

  10. In the case of talks, panel discussions, performance or any other on-stage moment, access should be granted early enough to allow time to set up sound recording devices.

  11. Templates of content form for media interviews to protect all parties by spelling out the terms under which the image/recording is being taken can be provided to the client.

  12. All branding collateral should be sent before the editing process starts (logo, fonts, colour palette, and the like). That way, it allows us to design animation logos at the beginning of each video and lower thirds (name tags) for all interviewees.

  13. The main mean of communication should be email – unless otherwise specified – with 1 to 2 main point of contact.

  14. Transportation in Kigali and on the outskirts of Rwanda can be arranged for my team. However, my team does not take responsibility for clients’ transportation to location, nor does my team organize it.

  15. Any shooting requiring permission, approval, or any other type of authorization should be handled by the client, unless otherwise specified.

  16. The client has the responsibility to organize interview schedules, unless otherwise specified.

  17. Our customised quotes are free with no obligation to purchase any services.

  18. Recognising that each client is unique with different requirements, each quote is custom built based on factors such as location, size of the event, size of the project, number of shooting days, and number of editing days. Rates also vary depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the production team needed.

  19. Once clients request a service or a set of services, clients are expected to make the first payment as a deposit, varying between 50% to 80% depending on the size of the project, to make an order. The total amount is paid over two instalments, unless otherwise specified.

  20. Payments shall be made directly into the bank account provided, unless otherwise specified.

  21. In the event of international transfer, it shall be the responsibility of the client to cover the transfer fee.

  22. Additional days and/or services are subject to be reflected in the final invoice.

  23. Any subtitling and/or translation work that was not initially part of the deliverables are subject to be reflected in the final invoice.

  24. All deliverables are delivered at the same time as one project—unless otherwise specified. Similarly, all changes for all deliverables should be communicated together; this is what allows to save time and be more efficient.

  25. The client gets two sessions of changes per deliverable at no cost. Additional sessions will be charged at my standard daily rate.

  26. The reviewed deliverables are submitted through email with a link to preview the work.

  27. Deliverables are only delivered in the event of the final payment.

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