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My deep-rooted why


Reviving the arts across the continent is a vital factor in promoting sustainable and inclusive economic development. The arts play a fundamental role in progress and creating opportunities. Investing in the arts stimulates cultural expression, nurtures creativity, generates employment, and safeguards cultural heritage. This enables artists to flourish, shine, and bring their creativity to life. By expressing their unique artistic vision, they contribute to enriching the cultural tapestry of society. Their ability to captivate and inspire others is essential for nurturing collective imagination and encouraging the evolution of ideas. Thus, Africa can unleash its artistic potential and harness it as a catalyst for economic and social advancement.


Growing up in Geneva during the 1990s and the 2000s as Black, my Rwandan parents repeatedly emphasised the inescapable inequality I would face and the profound impact my race would have on my interactions with others. This reality deeply imprinted on my consciousness, making me aware of the pervasive biases that shape society from an early age. Immersed in the world of arts, I naturally gravitated towards discussions on discrimination. However, these experiences prompted me to ask complex questions: Was racial discrimination the sole determinant of my existence?


These profound reflections paved the way for my decision to relocate to Rwanda in 2014, unaware that it would become a catalyst for my active engagement in Africa's narrative. Never could I have imagined that my move to Rwanda in 2014 would serve as the trigger propelling me into active participation in the rich storytelling of Africa. This new chapter in my life gradually shifted my focus towards the creations of other artists, particularly those vividly portraying the everyday narratives of Rwanda. Simultaneously, I wholeheartedly embraced the role of advocate, playing a central part in promoting and expanding the Rwandan art scene. I firmly believe that art, capturing the daily stories of Africa, holds profound meaning and resonates with the continent's voice, empowering it in the battle against prejudice.


Today, as a dedicated advocate, my primary objective is to create experiences that inspire reflection, foster dialogue, and enable exploration. The cultural diversity of Rwanda continues to nourish my artistic inspiration. This broadened perspective expands my horizons and strengthens my commitment to celebrating and promoting the creative expressions of artists. In this endeavour, I am firmly devoted to contributing to the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity on a broader social scale. Through these efforts, I strive to generate public interest, challenge prevailing perceptions, and deconstruct stereotypes that unfairly overshadow not only Rwanda but the entire African continent. It is through these endeavours that I aspire to make a significant impact, fostering a more inclusive and genuine understanding of diverse cultural heritage.

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