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Moving Back Home In 2021—Because Why Not?

Updated: May 2

Covid-19 has upended everything we have known, revealing things that many of us had taken for granted prior to the pandemic. What you were used to holding dearly is no longer here. The stability you've been used to is no longer guaranteed. The changes that you've been forced to endure are leading you to make drastic changes of your own – moving back home. The share of uncertainty that 2020 has brought makes this idea not so far-fetched anymore because you could:

1. Start a New Life

Positive change is 2021; that is all we pray for to change the landscape, learn new things, meet new people and embrace new opportunities. Challenge yourself. Test your limits. Explore your potential and prove to yourself what you can do. It is rewarding and humanly enriching.

2. Go on a Self-Discovery

Moving is also an identity quest, whether we like it or not. And hence discovering your heritage and your culture is part of the experience. Practice the language to improve—I say this, even though I struggle a lot myself—and expose yourself to the realities of everyday life.

3. Play Your Part and Contribute to Something Bigger

Contribute to something strong and bigger than yourself. That could be by only offering your experience and expertise to the local market.

4. Enrich Your Career Path

No more glass ceiling that gets in your way and limit your access to positions of responsibility. Embrace these opportunities to add new experiences to your CV, develop new skills, expand your professional network, position yourself in a much more satisfactory manner, take on new responsibilities and climb the ladder quickly.

5. Venture Yourself into Entrepreneurship

Rwanda is the 2nd easiest place to do business in Africa according to the World Bank, just after Mauritius, entrepreneurship is widely encouraged. And so, it could allow you to enjoy autonomy and the flexibility to make your own decisions, create a career that aligns with your values, constant growth and development, choose whom to work with and have a salary that is not capped.

If you endeavour to do any or all of the above, remember not to lose sight of the fact that it will be an adjustment. Though it is home, you're still embarking on something entirely new where you have no idea what to expect and maybe no relatives that you grew up with to lean on. Keep that in sight, and it will be fine.

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