Personal Profile


Hi, my name is Cynthia Butare.


I like calling myself a creative hustler of all things visual content. My journey started in documentary-making. I taught myself photography to further express my creativity. To assist brands with their content efforts, I founded Icyerekezo in 2016 to shape their marketing materials in the form of engaging stories. With the rise of social media, the form doesn't matter to me as long as the content appeals to the senses, stimulates the imagination, challenges the mind, nourishes the soul, and speaks to the heart.


What I appreciate the most about relocating to the continent is being able to witness first-hand the metamorphoses, changes, upheavals that the Africa of today is going through. It is reviving stories that are sometimes overlooked and stories on which we have closed our minds. Stories of Africa unlocking its potential. Stories of Africa winning and stepping into its power. Stories of Africa winning, thriving, and making history at each stage. But stories that step into genuine vulnerability go into the deepest parts of ourselves and challenge our perceptions. What is key to me is the relevance and ability to ring true and represent something.


The power of storytelling is what drew me into the documentary art form in the first place. Be it photography or film, I stand for stories of Africa through a prism of creativity, legacy, power, dynamism, and fearless living.


I do not take for granted that moving to Rwanda in 2014 provided me with the basis to play an active part in the continent's storytelling realm. As our quest for identity and meaning grows as our creativity evolves, I believe that self-knowledge is key to finding our authentic storytelling nature to have that authentic place from which our art flows. In that light, relocating to my country of heritage means to me getting the opportunity to truly understand this place, its resonance for Rwandans, but also my place in it. As my enthusiasm for Africa winning is extensive, my wish is to be able to gain self-knowledge first to later expand and transcend the boundaries of borders.


As I dabble in many areas, this is an outlet for me truly rooted in my purpose, as elusive and eternal as it is. Hence this space is an intermingling of all of my interests into one fully-fledged portal. It is a scrapbook to externalise my thoughts, mould my opinions and express what I stand for and value. That being so, I write, I share my daily life and my pictures, to not only engage but also intrigue, challenge, and arouse your curiosity about Rwanda, its culture, and its landscapes, in order to develop my sense of observation, to sharpen my creative sensibilities, feed my thoughts, discover the unknown, and above all… exchange with you!


November 2019 - present

Rwanda Development Board

Communication Analyst

August 2016 - present

Icyerekezo Comms


July 2015 - July 2016

Illume Creative Studio

in-house content creator

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is the one-stop agency focusing on attracting, retaining and facilitating investment in the national economy. As an analyst in the comms division, my role is to:

• organize and coordinate photo and video shoots;
• supervise the development of training content for communication staff
• work closely with communication staff from pre-production to post-production;
• formulate narrative structure in pre-production;
• coordinate work allowing cohesive teamwork for all parties involved throughout all stages of visual content projects;
• develop monitoring and evaluation mechanism;
• provide strategic support to communication staff recruitment;
• coordinate media engagement plans;
• work with RDB to produce content and information;
• supervise the uploading of materials;
• assess the impact of RDB online content;
• review RDB communication impact in coordination with MDAs;
• monitor implementation of RDB communications campaigns;
• analyze media reports and advise accordingly;
• prepare TOR for communication related activities.

Icyerekezo or Kezo Comms was founded to offer B2B services with the understanding of the value of creative, professionally-produced content, especially in the current digital age. However, to achieve rich content, it is crucial to carry out sufficient groundwork consisting of audits, strategy and content development, hence why Kezo Comms assists businesses to craft content that converts audiences into customers. Kezo Comms stands for effective content that is strategized, targeted and aligned with a brand's goals.

As a visual content producer my role is to:
• Create campaign concepts, organizes and coordinates photo and video shoots, while working closely with clients to streamline campaign strategies to fit their brands;
• Work closely with clients from pre-production to post-production and distribution;
• Conduct audits to identify businesses' most marketable assets and provide recommendations on how to improve their online presence;
• Write and put together concept notes allowing cohesive teamwork for all parties involved throughout all the stages of the project;
• Strategize client content to match buyers' journey;
• Translate client business needs into visual concepts that communicate a brand's story;
• Work closely with clients to ensure all requirements are implemented;
• Organize and coordinate photo and video shoots;
• Formulate narrative structure during post-production.

Hired as an in-house content creator, my duties include:

• Creating original content for Illume original content and for corporate clients such as Entreprenarium, Same Skye, the Mastercard Foundation and The Africa Channel
• Crafting punchy content that communicates corporate clients’ core objectives in an easy-to-follow format;
• Communicating and sharing with management to receive feedback;
• Supporting management throughout the execution of campaigns for clients;
• Ensuring all content produced meets the needs, requirements and brand values;
• Taking initiative to propose new ideas/approaches;
• Giving input to creative meetings and sharing ideas;
• Pitching creative ideas to management.