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About me

Cynthia Butare, born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland to Rwandan parents, is a documentary photographer and filmmaker dedicated to challenging the monolithic perceptions of blackness. Through her lens, she captures everyday moments that highlight broader societal changes, delving into the complexities of human nature and the dynamics within society.

Cynthia believes that culture is essential to her photography because it acts as an unfiltered lens, capturing transformations in their rawest form and revealing the underlying currents of change, resilience, and continuity that define communities. Since relocating to Kigali, Rwanda, in 2014, her work has taken on new depth, allowing her to document how cultural practices are evolving in response to societal progress. This focus reflects her dedication to exploring how traditions shape identity and resilience amidst rapid changes.

Her involvement in exhibitions includes the "What Do You See" exhibition at MINUBUMWE (Ministry of National Unity & Civic Engagement) in December 2022, which marked the launch of Rwanda's first contemporary art fund. Building on this experience, in April 2024, she participated in "Fierce Women" at Gallery Brülhart in Geneva, the first exhibition outside of Rwanda to exclusively feature Rwandan women artists, showcasing her "Resilience in Motion" series.

Through her lens, Cynthia strives to show how culture preserves its essence while evolving, reflecting contemporary aspirations while respecting deep-rooted identities. Her images are designed to provoke thought and demonstrate that individuals can actively shape and influence societal change, contributing to a constantly evolving cultural legacy.


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