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Hi, my name is Cynthia Butare. I'm a creative consultant. You might be wondering what that even means, right?


Well, to put it simply, I am dedicated to bringing creative ideas to the table and collaborating with stakeholders to develop impactful solutions that align with their goals and vision. My goal is to help brands and individuals thrive in their industries through brand identity, marketing materials, and digital content. My passion lies in the intersection of luxury brands and the arts. With a strong desire to grow in this field, I am committed to creating impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences and elevate the brands I work with.


And with my degree in Digital Media and Communication, I've been able to branch out into all sorts of communication projects - even corporate ones! Through all of this, I've picked up some skills as a content producer and visual communication strategist. So, it's kind of like a jack of all trades, master of some kind of deal.


In my current role at the Rwanda Development Board, I lead production crews for Kwita Izina virtual ceremonies, conceptualised a $25k USD video campaign for International Women's Day, and overseen advertising materials for BAL 2021 on ESPN. This role offers the chance to work on the conceptualisation side, lead large camera crews and make decisions that have a significant impact on how audiences are reached, as well as the opportunity to increase awareness and maximise the visibility of the institution's brands, such as Visit Rwanda.


In addition to my professional work, I also actively participate in personal projects and exhibitions. I believe that personal projects are an essential part of a creative’s development and allows me to explore new forms of expression and push my creative boundaries. I recently exhibited my photo series "Moulding Hands" at the "Que vois-tu" group exhibition in 2022, showcasing the molding of Rwandan heritage through the toil of bare hands. In addition, I host a podcast called "Le Podcast de Cynthia Butare" with episodes recorded in both French and English, exploring various topics related to creativity, culture, and the arts.


I am constantly seeking new collaborations and projects that will challenge me and allow me to grow as a creative. My ultimate goal as a creative is to create meaningful and impactful works that resonate with audiences on a deep level.

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